How to Copy Xbox 360 Games the Legal Way | Video Games

If your looking for information on how to copy Xbox 360 games safely and legally then you have come to the right place, this article will teach you all the trade secrets that will have you copying Xbox 360 games within minutes completely legally.Before we begin the whole process though you should understand that if you want to copy Xbox 360 games then the only legal way to do it is to copy the games you own, the reason why millions of gamers choose to copy the games they already own is to keep them safe, by backing them up you can protect these games from being destroyed because simply if they do you already have a backed up copy.

Now that all that’s out of the way we can begin to teach you how to backup your video games. You will need the following items:o Blank Disks
o Original Game Disk
o Game Copying Software
o 10 Minutes of timeOnce you have all of the above you will be able to copy your games within 10 minutes. However most people won’t have all of the above and I’m guessing that you don’t either. All of the above can be picked up online including the copying software, I would recommend one that is user friendly and does exactly what it says it does.Once you have all of the above you can copy Xbox 360 games the legal way, so let’s begin. You will need to install and then run the copying program to your computer, when this is done simply tell the program that you want to copy video games, when you do this you will be asked to insert the blank disk and the original. The computer will then copy your disk, resulting in a perfect copied video game.

The above maybe a bit brief but with the right software you will only need to click a couple of buttons and the whole process will work almost by it’s self.